Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We are not lesbo partner!

Not sure you will encounter this problem or not? Me and my super bestie always gave people a perception that we are lesbian partner. Although I already have bf for like 9 yrs but still people often suspect/think that we both are lesbian partner. Why? Is it my problem or it's my bff problem? I think is my bff problem because she looks too man! LOL

Remember back in high school time, Suzie's mum always complaint she do not know how to dress up. She often dress like a boy. Whenever I visited her house, her mum will compliment how pretty I dress..how lady I dress up and her mum actually requested me to change my bff look to more lady like. To make Suzie's mum dream come true and so we did it! I throw her some skirt and more lady like blouse on her and force her to wear it. How does it look? Ermmmm... I would say ermmm... does not go well? She looks like this!!!!! Muahahahahhahahahaa....epic fail!

Chinese has one saying, 女大十八变meaning when girls turn to lady/woman, she will has drastic changes. Now, she has better taste in her physical looks and fashion sense. She found the way to dress herself up which has her own significant style, Yeng!

This is how I style for her! Yeng with a touch of ladylike! hehehehe.. Went shopping with her..buy from head to toe and do matching for her-my BFF!

Shade: Rayban
Top: Foruchizu
Bottom: Foruchizu
Necklace & Ring: Forever21
Tote: Balenciaga
Heels: Aldo
 Shade: Rayban
Top: Topshop
Bottom: BKK
Accesories: Forever21
Sandals: Dubai

So, which style do you prefer?

Monday, May 6, 2013


Sometimes, you just need a break. in a beautiful place. alone. to figure everything out.

How many of you wish to have moment like this? well, at least I do! I used to don't like to be alone. I used to like at least need 1 company with me to have tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything else. I used to don't like do things alone. I felt that it will make me look so lonely and pitiful.

Time goes by while I grew older, I now prefer to have some lonely time. The 'alone time'. Free myself from anything. Do whatever I like. Nobody bothers me. Nobody restrict me. Now, this is what we call "freedom". Then, I realize this is not pitiful at all! I enjoy this lonely time a lot! Who cares about how people look at me when I was alone having meal in a cafe or restaurant. As long as I am enjoying the moment. Enjoying the meal I ordered. Enjoying the jazz music the cafe is playing. Fiuh! This is relaxing! Of course, if there is a sea view, windy open environment which full of greenery that would be much more better!

Everybody been talking about how dirty the GE13 in Malaysia. I do concern about it. I am quite upset with the result and feeling very down. Then, one by one of my friend started to telling me not to give up. Those leaders been fighting for years and have not gave up. Why should we? And what we did is just dipped our index finger into the so call indelible blue ink! We should stand firm, unite and fight against those corrupted government. So, be calm and do what is right!

Sometimes, I hope that I am so brave like Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and etc. They fight for the rights. I wish I can fight for my own rights too! But guess I am too coward to fight for myself. I do not know what to do. I just kept quiet and accept what have arranged for me. They think that what they have plan and arranged is good for me but who on earth have actually consider my feelings toward the things had planned for me? Who is living my life? Who knows what is the real good for me? Yes, perhaps what they plan it might be good for me but is that what I want?? Is that what I want for my living? Maybe what I wanna do can't earn a fortune for my living but at least that is what I chose for myself. Even it fails I won't blame anyone for it! because I am the one make myself miserable! People might think why am I so rebellious? We should give a hand when family needs help. I do! I gave my hands and help but don't say I did not put effort into it! I've been persuading myself to do it good but somehow it just does not work that way. I am upset about it too!!!! Why I can't just let it go and perform better? Then, I come to think of it because in the bottom of my heart, I do not want this, I can't surrender myself to it. I tried! really... I tried! but it just fail. What should I do? I have no idea..

I start to don't have much feelings toward things around me. I start to lose interest on things. I start to don't care anything else. I start to get very emotional. I start to get irritated very easily. I start to don't like to talk. I start to don't like to social around. I start to feel I am very abnormal. I am not myself anymore. Who can help me? Lead me please. I am in dilemma. Gonna be selfish and think for myself or I should widen up my mind and think for others? I need help!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bitchy, Ooppss! i mean Beachy holiday

It's been sometime since I last visited white sand and crystal clear water! I think the last want was at Koh Lipe back in April 2012 when I still with Genting.


I think only work in Genting, I able to travel so often with the flexible off day and the can't complaint much income! (don't ask me, I won't tell you) hehehehe... Koh Lipe trip was one of the unforgettable "luxurious" trip with those dog friends! That was the first and last time we went to holiday together with the complete group of friends before everyone is scatter around. They are always the best traveling partner! Argghh! Talking about it make me miss them so muccccchhhhh!!! Why i miss them so much?!

1. They can always do stupid things like this

  Act like hot hunks or beach boy thinking they are sexy? WAHLAO!!! GELI LO!!!!!

  Stand on a piece of tissue paper so that the heat on the floor won't burn his foot. Logic?! 

 Comment on people's boobs with those dog face...do u feel like smack him?

 Ermm...a fisherman on the other board praying..Sawadeekap!!

Kungfu fighting on beach! Fuiiiyooh! Yeng or not?

2. They always say some lame joke which sometime is not that lame and quite funny

3. They put effort to find some unrelated facts just to make you believe in something is not existent  which in other words is to con you. They find the satisfaction when they successful con people, mad right?

4. Although they always bully people or somehow use word to physical attack you but when you need help, they are the first want to stand beside you. (although sometime they won't forget to 'perli' you before/while they help you) Yes! They can be very nasty!

5. Because they are adorable...awwwwwwww......

Anyway, we are planning a beachy holiday together this year on Aug 2013... Not to sure whether we can make it this time since 1 in Kuching, 1 in KL, 1 in Penang and might be 1 in another half of the globe (god knows where). Sincerely hope that we all really can make it!!!! Pleaaasssssseeeeeeeee....

When talk about beach, white sand, crystal clear water and hot sunny day the next thing would be..BIKINI!!!!!!!! or SWIMWEAR!!!! how could we miss this important outfit for a beach holiday!!!! Time to look for it!!!!!!!! I am excited already although now its only March?! lol... If you also planning a beach holiday around the corner, then you will find this post is helpful!!! Most of the pieces are at affordable price! Yeay!! You are welcome!!

1. Korean style of swimwear. Visit Cajoyness! They have lots more design :D

  3. Twenty3. They have more design previously but now sold out most of it.. but I believe the owner will bring in more design!

Have you found yours??? I am still deciding mine!!!! So many lovely pieces!!!!!!

Of course those above are just my recent findings. If you know where else can find more designs of bikini or swimwear at affordable price..please share!!!! hehehehehe... That's it for now... I am praying the beach holiday is so gonna happen!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Re-birth of Q-losophy

The last time I signed in this account was 4 years ago. Today I decided to re-birth this account and post something new here. This ain't gonna be an online blogshop, I mean for now. Fyi, Q-losophy actually was an online blogshop previously which selling trendy fashion wear and accessories.

Currently, it will be a place for me to share my love to fashion and whatever things happened in my life which I feel like sharing it in Q-losophy way. Let's start the chapter!

So, why I suddenly decided to reactivate this account? Well, I always wanted to start but way too lazy to start it..really too lazy! until recently too much things happened some sudden change of my career and so do my life! Things that happen is really hard to express here because if I do, it can be as thick as dictionary!So, forget about the details ya! Due to this sudden change I kind a can't really adapt to this whole new 'environment' thing and been feeling so lost, down and negative. 

What's the best cure when you feeling so down? Seriously, talk to your friend! but I would say talk to your best friend as best friend will be the one listen to you and try whatever ways to motivate and lighten you up! Well, I am lucky to say that I have few best friend or I would say 'dog' friend around me ('dog' meaning guai lan) which I really felt thankful for their existent in my life. They really made my days! They really try their very best use anyway...Yes! is ANYWAY just to make me smile :)

Back to the question, yeap! One of my best friend actually suggested me to focus on things I really love to do and not to think of those things that I can't control or change for now. Hence, reactivate this account and blog about my love to fashion. I mean not to say I'm a real fashionista or I'm so damn expert in fashions and trends. But, just sharing my love of fashion in Q-losophy way! I am the queen of my own fashion! whether you like it or not...I don't care cause I LIKE IT! teeheee... Thanks to you! you know who you are and of course those dog friends who try so hard to make me smile again :) Not to forget to thanks you! Yes! YOU!! who reading my blog now...you've just motivated me to write more and make me smile even more!

Here is my 1st outfit picture in Q-losophy!

Shade: Gun & Bleng 
Studded Collar Off Shoulder blouse: Cajoyness
Burgundy Skater Skirt: BKK
Spikes Double C earings: BKK
Black Pyramid necklace: BKK
Cute Skull belt: BKK
Tote: Fendi
Heels: Forever 21  

Sign out!