Friday, March 15, 2013

Re-birth of Q-losophy

The last time I signed in this account was 4 years ago. Today I decided to re-birth this account and post something new here. This ain't gonna be an online blogshop, I mean for now. Fyi, Q-losophy actually was an online blogshop previously which selling trendy fashion wear and accessories.

Currently, it will be a place for me to share my love to fashion and whatever things happened in my life which I feel like sharing it in Q-losophy way. Let's start the chapter!

So, why I suddenly decided to reactivate this account? Well, I always wanted to start but way too lazy to start it..really too lazy! until recently too much things happened some sudden change of my career and so do my life! Things that happen is really hard to express here because if I do, it can be as thick as dictionary!So, forget about the details ya! Due to this sudden change I kind a can't really adapt to this whole new 'environment' thing and been feeling so lost, down and negative. 

What's the best cure when you feeling so down? Seriously, talk to your friend! but I would say talk to your best friend as best friend will be the one listen to you and try whatever ways to motivate and lighten you up! Well, I am lucky to say that I have few best friend or I would say 'dog' friend around me ('dog' meaning guai lan) which I really felt thankful for their existent in my life. They really made my days! They really try their very best use anyway...Yes! is ANYWAY just to make me smile :)

Back to the question, yeap! One of my best friend actually suggested me to focus on things I really love to do and not to think of those things that I can't control or change for now. Hence, reactivate this account and blog about my love to fashion. I mean not to say I'm a real fashionista or I'm so damn expert in fashions and trends. But, just sharing my love of fashion in Q-losophy way! I am the queen of my own fashion! whether you like it or not...I don't care cause I LIKE IT! teeheee... Thanks to you! you know who you are and of course those dog friends who try so hard to make me smile again :) Not to forget to thanks you! Yes! YOU!! who reading my blog've just motivated me to write more and make me smile even more!

Here is my 1st outfit picture in Q-losophy!

Shade: Gun & Bleng 
Studded Collar Off Shoulder blouse: Cajoyness
Burgundy Skater Skirt: BKK
Spikes Double C earings: BKK
Black Pyramid necklace: BKK
Cute Skull belt: BKK
Tote: Fendi
Heels: Forever 21  

Sign out!

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