Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We are not lesbo partner!

Not sure you will encounter this problem or not? Me and my super bestie always gave people a perception that we are lesbian partner. Although I already have bf for like 9 yrs but still people often suspect/think that we both are lesbian partner. Why? Is it my problem or it's my bff problem? I think is my bff problem because she looks too man! LOL

Remember back in high school time, Suzie's mum always complaint she do not know how to dress up. She often dress like a boy. Whenever I visited her house, her mum will compliment how pretty I dress..how lady I dress up and her mum actually requested me to change my bff look to more lady like. To make Suzie's mum dream come true and so we did it! I throw her some skirt and more lady like blouse on her and force her to wear it. How does it look? Ermmmm... I would say ermmm... does not go well? She looks like this!!!!! Muahahahahhahahahaa....epic fail!

Chinese has one saying, 女大十八变meaning when girls turn to lady/woman, she will has drastic changes. Now, she has better taste in her physical looks and fashion sense. She found the way to dress herself up which has her own significant style, Yeng!

This is how I style for her! Yeng with a touch of ladylike! hehehehe.. Went shopping with her..buy from head to toe and do matching for her-my BFF!

Shade: Rayban
Top: Foruchizu
Bottom: Foruchizu
Necklace & Ring: Forever21
Tote: Balenciaga
Heels: Aldo
 Shade: Rayban
Top: Topshop
Bottom: BKK
Accesories: Forever21
Sandals: Dubai

So, which style do you prefer?

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